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Social Media for Small Businesses

Successful small businesses know that social media platforms are powerful channels to connect with existing customers and acquire new ones.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, the list goes on and on, are necessary in today’s market. For instance, they help to build brand loyalty.

But running successful social media channels requires either dedication of in-house personnel or an expert social media service provider such as Pinpoint Local.

Why is Social Media Important to Your Business?

Social media platforms allow you to connect with your customers in ways your website cannot.

  • These sites provide additional advertising channels
  • You can easily post videos, pictures and relevant articles which improves customer engagement
  • Support staff can help answer questions or resolve problems near real-time
  • You can post your hours of service and location
  • Sales people can reach out to new customers
  • You can update your followers with information about new products and services
  • Positive user feedback provides super-valuable social proof – proof that your company can be trusted which leads to more customers
  • Negative user feedback is easily monitored and addressed to guard your reputation
  • Customers comments/requests provide real time insight into market trends

Social media platforms are basically the virtual equivalent of the old business model. But instead of dealing with a single customer at a time in person, you’re now helping multiple people simultaneously but online.

social media

I didn’t know social media can be help drive my business growth

Why isn’t everyone doing it then?

There are numerous reasons why small businesses don’t use social media. Here are some of the reasons I hear from small business owners.

  1. I didn’t know social media can be help drive my business growth
  2. I’m not sure where to begin or I have no idea how to set up social media
  3. I have nothing to post
  4. I don’t have time

Are any of these reasons sound familiar?

maintaining active social media channels is extremely time consuming.

Posting content is the easy part. But getting interesting content to post is the difficult part.

Do you have time:

  • to find or create videos?
  • research blog posts?
  • search for relevant articles to share?
  • take professional looking pictures?

I’m exhausted just thinking about all these things.  The fact of the matter is that maintaining social media channels is EXTREMELY time consuming. 

It’s a full time job. And that’s the real reason why businesses don’t utilize social media.

So what are your options?  You can continue to ignore social media, get a full time employee to do it or hire a experts like Pinpoint Local to handle this for you.

How can Pinpoint Local Help?

The good news is that here at Pinpoint Local is here for you. We have cost effective solutions for businesses of all sizes. In addition, the services we provide are designed to minimize your involvement while maximizing your benefits.

Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn/Pinterest/Twitter Setup

  • Claim or create your business page (if needed)
  • Design and upload your custom banner
  • Upload your logo or other images
  • Add page info (website, address, contact info, business hours)
  • and more…

Social Media Management

  • Create unique blog posts
  • Add other types of posts including text, graphics and videos
  • We scheduling and do all the posting for you
  • We also provide monthly reporting with relevant metrics
  • and more…

Most importantly, these services is completely hands-free! We do all the work and you reap all the rewards.

If you run or own a business in the Wantagh, Massapequa, Hicksville, Levittown or Seaford, contact us now. And start building your active social media channels AND your online dominance.