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Local Business Creates Responsive Website, Laughs at Competitors

I cannot understate how important it is to have a responsive website. But, let’s back up a second and define what makes a website responsive.

What is a Responsive Website?

Definition: A responsive website is designed in such a way as to look and perform great on all form factors.

Clear as mud, right?

Basically, all this means is that your website provides a great customer experience when viewed on different devices such as computer, tablet, phone, etc…

Responsive Web Design


Why is this Important?

As I stated above, it cannot be stressed enough how important it is for your business website to be responsively designed.  Consider these facts for a minute:

  • 80% of service/product searches are conducted on a mobile devices (and this number is getting higher every year)
  • Nearly 75% of all users judge your company’s credibility based on its website design

These two statistics should be enough to convince you why your local business must have a well-designed website.  If your site is ‘ugly’ or does not perform well on mobile devices, you are hurting your business.

But there’s an even more important reason to ensure your site is responsive:

Search engines promote websites with mobile-responsive designs

In other words, your website design affects your site’s rankings in the search engine. The chances of your website showing up on page 1 are slim to none.  And if your business website is not ranking in the search engine, you are losing customers, plain and simple.

Hopefully, you see why this concept is so important. A well-designed, beautiful website will:

  1. Generate more customers
  2. Help keep existing customers

Important, right?

Why You Need Pinpoint Local?

Responsive design is one of many factors in getting your website ranked. That’s why it’s critical you use trusted, authoritative and experienced developers. So why do you need Pinpoint Local?


  • We’ll design a beautiful and engaging website
  • Pinpoint Local will deliver a fast website your customers love
  • Your website will be responsive.

Because, then you can laugh at your competitor’s websites!

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